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Arts Center 

Sangati aims to support THC establish an Arts Centre in Freedom Land. Arts Center will be a dedicated platform to foster artistic creativity and collaboration, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. It will serve as a dynamic forum for artists of all backgrounds around the world and mediums to express themselves, teach students and also showcase their work. It will offer diverse programs, exhibitions, workshops and events, making art an integral part of our community.  The centre will be the hub for artists, and art enthusiasts from both the visual and performing art community. Residential facilities for students, guest houses for artists, art galleries, multipurpose halls and spaces for students, artists and people to come together and work will be considered as primary functions of the projects. 


The art center is incomplete without robust Performing Arts facilities that play a vital role in promoting and supporting various forms of live performance, such as theatre, dance, music, puppetry and recitals. To offer an immersive experience for the audience and facilitate the technical aspects of live performances, our art centre will be designed to provide a creative platform like , an amphitheater, dance studio, concert hall, and sound system with high-quality audio equipment.

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