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Life and Living Kit

‘Life and Living’ Kit from Creative School and Prajña Vidya was born as a culmination of the research and practices done at Creative School for more than a decade. For the greater good of reaching it to all children worldwide, we have now rolled out our practices into a kit with activities that can be followed to acknowledge the ‘Whole Child’- thereby cultivating physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wisdom.

This kit has a variety of activities and explorations that will help with language development, self expression and self esteem. The kit is centered around Opening and Closing ceremonies (Classroom management), different awareness and breathing exercises, meditations, emotional intelligence games, self-esteem boosting games, friendship games, and inspirational story-based activities that help children grow up healthy and whole.

With a vision to empower educators and make this available to a larger community, this work presents us a unique opportunity to make a difference.

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