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Health and Wellbeing Retreat Center

Sangati plans to support the construction and setting up of the Inner Freedom Retreat Centre. The Retreat Center is a dedicated space for teachers, educators and facilitators worldwide to immerse themselves in their own self-transformation. When there is a shift in teachers consciousness, it helps in creating a space for self-transformation, to heal and empower themselves. In return, teachers work with children from the beautiful space of compassion and gradually nurture the right perspective for long-term growth and development. The retreat center is a haven for individuals to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with themselves. The vision is to create a tranquil and transformative sanctuary that fosters physical, mental and spiritual well-being for educators, teachers and parents, seeking rejuvenation and personal growth. The centre will offer a wide range of holistic programs, wellness and sustainable practices like meditation and mindfulness, breathwork and wisdom talk etc to provide a comprehensive and immersive journey for our patrons. 


Retreat centre will cater to individuals from diverse backgrounds and all sections of society, seeking self-improvement, stress relief and holistic healing. Individuals interested in personal growth, stress reduction and mental well-being and keen on to re-settle their physical and mental energies.   We will have educators, teachers, facilitators, parents from different sectors, for eg - govt. school teachers in tribal areas with no access to platforms such as the holistic retreat center that fosters physical, spiritual and mental well-being. THC will also work with the youth of our community to offer a space of consciousness and compassion. Lastly, Retreat Centre will also be the space to organise corporate retreats.

A multitude of benefits can be gained from the Retreat Center which encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. An integrated approach will ensure an experience of well-rounded improvement in the overall well-being of the individuals, which will allow them to unwind and relax to support their mental as well as physical health. Individuals can work through their past traumas, release emotional blockages and cultivate emotional resilience through breath works, art therapies, mindfulness, and pancha bhoota (five elements of nature) healing processes. Our holistic retreat centre offers Satvik (vegetarian and organic) meals to support the natural detoxification of the human body. In turn will also inspire individuals to adopt healthier practices, leading to lasting lifestyle changes that long continue after the retreat ends.

The cost of the retreat center is $1 million. Sangati aims to raise a substantial part of this amount. 

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