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Education Outreach
Prajña Vidya - An Initiative of The Healing Circle

Sangati supports the Prajña Vidya program - the social outreach arm of Creative School, Bengaluru, India. Through this THC supports all educators (administrators and teachers), parents and children across the learner spectrum worldwide with our proprietary framework of holistic development. The program is based on the belief that the shift happens when all stakeholders in the society are empowered, and are ready to make the change happen for our children, who deserve to learn and grow holistically.

Prajña Vidya has impacted 50+ institutions including government schools, colleges, universities, welfare centres, private institutions and NGOs. THC has successfully delivered the program to 180 government run public schools, training 270 primary, middle and high school teachers in Teacher Inspiration and Wellbeing. For this effort we delivered 150 Life and Living kits consisting of therapeutic activities, games, classroom management and meditation practices via child friendly approaches.


The program empower teachers and children with holistic multiple intelligence i.e Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence skills. 

Over the past decade, Prajña Vidya has implemented a curriculum based on 'The Sacred Classroom' and re-defined classroom structures. 'The Sacred Classroom' supported by the 'Four-Step Learning' and ‘Co-Creating Sacred’ has fostered intuitive, research-based practices creating an all-round curriculum that fully fosters holistic development in children. These programs with on-going refinement have resulted in full self-expression via Life & Living kits designed for practical assimilation of Spiritual, Social and Emotional Intelligence in a classroom environment. Further immersive learning is available through our Joy of Teaching series in Language Arts, Heart Math and Joy of Science. The methodology and framework of training can be implemented for any syllabus – NOIS, State Boards, ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE.

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