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Our Projects


Support Our Children at Creative School 

Sangati supports the Support our Children program at Creative School in Bengaluru, India. Creative School has 85 children with parental income between Rs.30,000 and Rs.100,000 per annum ($400 to $1200 per year) who are provided free full boarding, education, food and nutrition, and holistic health assistance. The cost of supporting all these costs for a child are $3000/- per year all inclusive. Sangati plans to support 60 students each year.

Education Outreach


Sangati supports the Prajña Vidya program - the social outreach arm of Creative School, Bengaluru, India. This supports all educators (administrators and teachers), parents and children across the learner spectrum worldwide with our proprietary framework of holistic development. 'The Sacred Classroom' supported by the 'Four-Step Learning' and ‘Co-Creating Sacred’ has fostered intuitive, research-based practices creating an all-round curriculum that fully fosters holistic development in children. THC has successfully delivered the program to 180 government-run public schools, training 270 primary, middle and high school teachers in Teacher Inspiration and Wellbeing. 


Holistic Health

Sangati supports The Healing Circle’s holistic health initiatives. These initiatives provide integrative health care through medical aid and well-being practices to people from lower-income communities - by focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being using Homoeopathic medicines and Holistic healing modalities to aid mind-body-soul balance.


Our Green Efforts: 1000 Together Project of The Healing Circle Trust

Our Green Projects include the Thousand together a project at The Healing Circle Trust in Bengaluru, India. It aims to bring thousand people together to help re-green the land through various environmental projects. As part of the afforestation efforts, over the past several years, over 15,000 plants and shrubs have been planted on the land. Sangati has supported the 1000 Together project and aims to fund further planting and maintenance costs. 


Health and Wellbeing Retreat Center 

Sangati plans to support the construction and setting up of the Retreat Centre at Freedom Land, Bengaluru. The Retreat Center is a dedicated space for teachers/educators to immerse themselves in their own self-transformation, individuals seeking healing and transformation, corporates who want Wellbeing and Healing programs for employees, and seekers who want to meditate and make time for growth in consciousness. The costs of developing the retreat center are close to $1 million. 

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Arts Center

Sangati aims to support THC to establish an Arts Centre in Freedom Land. The Arts Center will be a dedicated platform to foster artistic creativity and collaboration, cultural enrichment, and community engagement. It will serve as a dynamic forum for artists of all backgrounds around the world and mediums to express themselves, teach students, and showcase their work. It will offer diverse programs, exhibitions, workshops and events, making art an integral part of our community.

Sustainable Green Buildings

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Freedom Land is a conscious community space dedicated to inner freedom and outer productivity through collaborative work that inspires us to transcend personal boundaries and work toward practical peace. Physical manifestation of this vision has been meticulously researched and conceptualized based on decades of experience. It has a eco-friendly architecture in a natural environment designed to maintain the essence and character of the geographic location by acknowledging its unique flora and fauna. Mud block constructions (Similar to Adobe bricks) and many sustainable practices are incorporated in the construction projects. Sangati has supported The Healing Circle Trust towards construction of various parts of the campus.

Life and Living Kit


‘Life and Living’ Kit from Creative School and Prajña Vidya is a collection of various practices that can be followed by teachers and children to acknowledge the ‘Whole Child’- thereby cultivating physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social wisdom. This kit has a variety of activities and explorations that will help with language development, self expression and self esteem. With a vision to empower educators and make this available to a larger community, this work presents us a unique opportunity to make a difference. Sangati supports development and dissemination of this kit.


The Oneness Meditation Temple

The Oneness Meditation Temple at Freedom Land is a sacred space for silence, meditation, introspection, and connection with the divine. It is a soul chamber where we can slow down gently to listen to our soul’s voice. The Oneness Temple sprawls across 6000 sq.ft, and its development costs is approximately $217,000. Sangati is supporting the construction of the temple. 

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