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Holistic Health (Aarogya Jyothi)

Sangati supports THC’s holistic health initiatives. These initiatives provide integrative health care through medical aid and well-being practices to people from the lower income communities - by focusing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing using Homoeopathic medicines and Holistic healing modalities to aid mind-body-soul balance.


Prajna Wisdom Centre and Prajna Integrated Homoeopathy Clinic have come together to offer holistic health care and well-being under this program. A team of doctors and healers have tirelessly offered their Seva in ensuring the community is well supported. Sangati funds cover healthcare support and timely intervention through medicines, therapy and counselling for all support staff from THC, neighbouring village communities and local self help groups.

Healers and facilitators serve by conducting meditation classes and teaching breathing exercises and other daily well-being practices. In addition, they also take up one-on-one healing sessions with patients as required using evidence based modalities such as Rebirthing Breathwork and Emotional Freedom Technique as well as other energy healing tools. Ancient health practices such as Spiritual Purification to encourage community and family wellness are also taught.

Sangati invites you to help co-create a healthy and interdependent society with the potential of self-healing and conscious living.

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