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Our Green Efforts

1000 Together Project of The Healing Circle Trust

Thousand together is a project that aims to bring thousand people together to help re-green the land through various environmental projects. Freedom Land in Bengaluru is in a drought prone area that has experienced loss of green forests and drying of water sources. THC decided to collaborate and work together to experience the joy of re-greening our campus.

Broadly, the projects that are undertaken in this campaign are:

- Afforestation: Planting trees all across the campus that are medicinal, native, sacred and fruit bearing.
- Water conservation: Creating water harvesting resources (ponds, soak pits, swales, bunds, trenches, wetland habitats) to renew and recharge the water table on the land.
- Natural farming: Growing organic produce for the entire community on the campus.
- Renewable energy technology: Installation of solar panels, water recycling, waste management to minimize our carbon footprint.

As part of our afforestation efforts, over the past several years, over 15000 plants and shrubs have been planted on the land. Sangati has supported the 1000 Together project and aims to fund planting and maintenance of the plants on Freedom Land. 

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